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Intellectual Property

1. The ownership and right to operation of all electronic services on this website are exclusively owned by Guangzhou Beststudy Educational Co., Ltd., its training centers and its subsidiaries (Hereinafter referred to as “the company”). This website and its contents are subject to the protection of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and the related laws and regulations, and all international intellectual property right treaties where applicable. The copyright of the contents available on this website is exclusively owned by the company unless otherwise stated, and the contents may not be used for any commercial or other purpose in any form without permission of the company.

2. All rights and interests (including, without limitation, the copyright) on third-party contents are owned by third-party authorizers. Users are not granted any relevant rights or interests in any of them.



The company has legally registered and legally owns the “Beststudy” trademark and exclusive right to use the trademark herein. The trademark is protected by law. No one shall have the right to use the trademark in any form without the company’s authorization.


Information Contents

1. Permission of Usage: Users of this website only have the right to use the resources of this website reasonably. Viewers may download the materials available on this website, provided that these materials are used for individual study and research purposes only, and must not be used for any commercial purpose. Regardless of whether the former statement is included in these materials, all materials herein are protected by the copyright law. Viewers may not distribute, modify, spread, reuse, retransmit or use the contents of this website for any public commercial purposes without specific written permission of the company;

2. Predictive statements: The information published on this website may contain certain predictive statements. These statements are inherently risky and uncertain and the purpose of these forward-looking statements about the company and its related business published on this website is to indicate that they are predictive statements that reflect the company’s current views on future events, but not a guarantee of future business performance.


The company hereby specifically states that it does not assume any legal responsibility for the following matters:

1. No direct, indirect, statutory or contractual guarantees will be made for your use of the website, any content, services associated with the website, or other links to this website or its contents;

2. As for loss or damages (including any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or any damages whatsoever, such as loss of income or profits, damage to the computer system or data loss, etc.) caused to any users by using the information on this website or the information linked to this website, or other website information linked to this website, for whatever reason (including, without limitation, negligence), the responsibility (including, without limitation, liability for negligence) shall be assumed by the user.


By using the website, you agree to assume full responsibility and risk related to viewing this website. The company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special and consequential losses resulting from the user’s access to the data on this website.


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